UBRI, under the leadership of Senior Fellow and Dean of the School of Architecture & Planning, Robert Shibley and Director, Laura Quebral, built a team which encompasses some of the brightest thinkers and doers in the region to pursue public scholarship in service to the community. Our team consists of planners, architects, urban designers, data analysts, policy specialists, legal experts, researchers, information systems experts, technical writers, and graphic designers committed to innovative planning, community engagement, and accessible information to help create great places.

Even with the internal talent on the team, we don’t hesitate to invest in collective problem solving with our extensive network of research partners. On every project, the team is focused on asking the right questions, and partnering with experts across the University, community, and professional networks to research and explore the best solutions.

Robert G. Shibley, FAIA, FAICP
Robert G. Shibley, FAIA, FAICP SUNY Distinguished Professor, UBRI Senior Fellow and Dean of School of Architecture and Planning
Laura Quebral
Laura Quebral UBRI Director, Assistant Dean for Strategic Initiatives, School of Architecture and Planning
Bart Roberts
Bart Roberts Deputy Director, UBRI

Professional Staff

Brian W. Conley
Brian W. Conley Senior Planner
Jennifer Crawford
Jennifer Crawford Office Administrator
Christina Farrell
Christina Farrell Senior Planner
Heather P. Warner
Heather P. Warner Office Manager
Jason Kulaszewski
Jason Kulaszewski Clean Energy Coordinator
Josh McClain
Josh McClain Sustainability & Resiliency Planner
Monique Sullivan James
Monique Sullivan James Associate Director of Operations
Rosaura Romero
Rosaura Romero Community Engagement Manager, East Side Avenues
Sharon Ana Entress
Sharon Ana Entress Associate Director of Research
Teresa Bosch de Celis
Teresa Bosch de Celis Associate Planner/Graphic Designer​


Our graduate assistants make us unique—providing us with fresh perspectives and connecting our office to the ever-evolving research and technology being used in the classroom.


We connect with faculty on projects that could benefit from a particular skill-set, expertise or burgeoning research in a particular field. Our collaborative projects with the UB School of Architecture and Planning faculty span topics as diverse as food-system security, responses to climate change, green transportation systems, inclusive design, situated technologies (the use of technology embedded in buildings), sustainable community development, planning for extreme events (such as earthquakes or hurricanes) and many others.

Lynda Schneekloth
School of Architecture and Planning

Nicholas B. Rajkovich
School of Architecture and Planning

Hiroaki Hata
School of Architecture and Planning

Daniel B. Hess
School of Architecture and Planning

Samina Raja
School of Architecture and Planning

Matthew Roland
School of Architecture and Planning

Our diverse team also includes a wide variety of professional consultants, including: