Brenda A. Stynes

Brenda A. Stynes

Associate Creative Director

Brenda serves as director of design for all UBRI web, print and media production, managing graphic interpretation of institute research, analyses and presentation related to publications. For almost two decades, Brenda has played a key role in almost every project at UBRI—taking complex ideas and processes and communicating them in an engaging, understandable way across a host of media to inform and educate a diverse range of audiences. Brenda is driven by the notion that the quality of the product needs to match the quality of the research because, if the information isn’t read or can’t be comprehended, then it isn’t actionable.

Defined as a hallmark of the UBRI’s work has been Brenda’s “visual storytelling” or the interrelationship between how information is structured and organized and the visual communication methods used to build key take-a-ways for an audience. Some examples of Brenda’s visual storytelling include Moving Forward 2050, Raincheck 2.0,  Buffalo Promise Neighborhood, Mobile Safety Net, and Labor Market Assessment 2017 (LMA 17). For each she developed unique infographics across a number of research-based topics, and created custom, original illustrations across print, web and presentations. Examples of Brenda’s accomplishments in branding and identity include One Region Forward and Growing Food Connections where, in addition to visual storytelling, she created unique brands and customized all products and messages, within print, web and other digital vehicles to align with specific needs and goals of the projects. Brenda also guides UBRI’s visual identity and branding efforts. When UBRI and UDP merged in 2011, she directed and implemented in-house rebranding of the Institute’s identity, increasing visibility of our values and our work and more deeply engaging our audience.

Prior to joining the UBRI team, Brenda was the Web, Interface and Graphic Designer for UB’s Education and Information System Team developing websites and illustrations for use on digitally-based projects. Her expertise has largely been influenced by her work in the private sector and as a freelance design consultant for a variety of public and private entities.

Brenda  holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Design from the State University of New York College at Buffalo and completed a continuing education program in design and printmaking at  the University at Buffalo. With a consuming passion for visual design, Stynes is an accomplished printmaker whose work has been exhibited at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery.  An Amherst native with deep roots in Niagara County, Stynes enjoys getting lost in remote locations across the United States.