Orchard Park Economic Development Committee

Orchard Park Economic Development Committee

Strategies to improve effectiveness in promoting economic development

The Orchard Park Economic Development Committee (OPEDC) is a volunteer committee that promotes economic development in both the Town and Village of Orchard Park, New York. The committee is comprised of business leaders from Orchard Park, Town and Village officials, and other concerned residents and is not directly affiliated with any local government.

The OPEDC decided to embark on the preparation of this strategic plan because the group, after many years of activities, felt a need to determine how it can best reposition and/or redefine its role, goals, and strategies to improve its effectiveness in promoting economic development. The OPEDC consulted with the Urban Design Project (UDP) to complete this study.

Chestnut Ridge Conservancy

Chestnut Ridge Park is the jewel of the Erie County Parks System. The financial problems of the County have prevented it from allocating sufficient funds to adequately maintain current facilities or enhance programming and make necessary capital improvements. The Committee for Chestnut Ridge, comprised of members of the OPEDC, envisions the creation of a not-for-profit organization (the “Chestnut Ridge Conservancy”) to restore and preserve the rich natural, recreational, and historic resources that comprise Chestnut Ridge Park. The Urban Design Project is prepared a feasibility study and business plan for establishing the Conservancy.


Orchard Park Economic Development Committee Strategic Plan