WNY Environmental Alliance

WNY Environmental Alliance

Establishing a shared agenda for environmental issues in WNY

The Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo (CFGB) established an initiative — enhancing and leveraging significant natural resources as a priority focus area for funding.  The strategic area began with the organization of the Green and Growing and Environmental Coalitions that met starting in 2006 to establish an agenda for the regreening of Buffalo after the October Surprise storm and included an effective conference in the spring of 2007. To more effectively identify, leverage and distribute resources, the CFGB seeks to strengthen the capacity of the region’s environmental community, to establish a shared agenda, and to identify priorities for community-wide funding.

The Urban Design Project, with consulting support from the Institute for Conservation Leadership, led a year-long planning effor to address these needs.

Mapping Waste: Setting the Stage to Clean up Niagara

In February 2010, the Urban Design Project reconvened the Waste, Pollution Prevention and Water Task Group from the WNY Environmental Alliance to continue the work they started in 2008 and 2009.

The goal of this new project is to map the hazardous waste environment and context of WNY and make it publicly accessible in support of the longer term goal of developing a broadly based comprehensive strategy and campaign to clean-up and restore the three county (Niagara, Erie, Cattaraugus) Niagara region in Western New York.


WNY Environmental Alliance-Final Report

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