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State of the Region Goes Offline as UB Regional Institute Considers New Approach to Data and Information on the Region

Since 2005, the UB Regional Institute has offered the State of the Region, its performance-measurement tool for the Buffalo Niagara region, in an online format to enhance the accessibility of data and analysis on key regional issues.

As of December 2009, the UB Regional Institute has taken the State of the Region offline to rethink how it presents and updates data and information on the region. The State of the Region is one of several resources provided by the institute to build understanding and frame debate in the region on critical topics, ranging from the economy to education. At this time, the institute is working toward a more integrated approach to providing the region with information in ways that are engaging, efficient and useful.

If you are looking for specific data or information provided by the State of the Region, please feel free to contact the institute to obtain relevant materials. You may also wish to explore the institute’s Regional Knowledge Network, a central resource for data, mapping tools and resources on nine key topics for the binational region.

About State of the Region

A founding project of the Regional Institute, the State of the Region monitors the binational Buffalo Niagara region’s performance in 11 key areas through quantifiable data analysis. Its 1999 baseline report was developed in conjunction with more than 200 community members. Progress reports were released in 2000 and 2003, with the second focusing on the issue of equity in Buffalo Niagara. The State of the Region project transitioned in July 2005 to an online presentation of data and performance measures.