UBRI has partnered with Goodwill Industries of WNY (Goodwill) to provide a range of services that will support Goodwill in developing a longer-term workforce strategy to meet the needs of underserved residents, especially those who are out of work or underemployed because of COVID-19, as well as hiring employers and new and expanding workforce trainers.

As a long-standing nonprofit in the region with a focus on workforce development, Goodwill seeks a  strategy that is responsive to the current economic crisis, with many residents hit hard by the pandemic and in need work readiness skills, occupational training, and wrap-around services that remove barriers to training and work, as well as employers with hard-to-fill entry-level jobs. To develop a data-driven, research-grounded strategy, Goodwill partnered with UBRI for research, strategic planning, partnership building, communication services, and program implementation support.      

Through research, UBRI will help Goodwill understand workforce needs and gaps. UBRI will analyze  job posting data to identify skills, qualifications and credentials that hiring employers seek. UBRI will also examine industry and occupational trends as it considers jobs of the future and career pathways, and it will analyze microdata to quantify and characterize Goodwill’s target populations.

Through strategic planning and partnership building, UBRI will guide Goodwill in forging connections that strengthen ecosystem pipelines, while leveraging Goodwill’s unique strengths. Communication services will support Goodwill in talking about its strategy and the ecosystem need to various audiences.  

Visit GoodwillWNY.org to learn more about the organization and their workforce program.