What We Do

What Our Team Brings to the Table

UBRI brings together robust capacities and notable achievements in planning, policy analysis, public process, and communications across a wide array of relevant topics including urban design, land use and transportation, asset management, economic development, market analyses, GIS and 3-D modeling analyses, regional governance, and education, as well as issues of special regional significance such as arts and cultural tourism.

Information and Analysis

We provide analysis of common demographic indicators on the census tract level, or in some cases, block group or block level, as well as tailor made indices and performance metrics related to demographic trends, projections and forecasts.

Market Research and Surveys

We produce market research for government entities and non-profits to help ensure that the services they provide meet the needs of their constituents.

Economic Impact

We analyze local or regional economic impacts such as jobs, business growth, property values, and wage income of a project, program or policy—a helpful tool for building support for a project or weighing several alternative projects.

Program and Infrastructure Evaluation

We evaluate programs and infrastructure improvements from a system-wide perspective down to the street corner level providing research plans, data collection, data evaluation and presentation of results.

Geospatial and Suitability Analysis

We use tools such as Geographic Information Systems software (GIS) to analyze data points and their corresponding geographic locations to strategically target investments, determine the most suitable places to invest, or evaluate the potential impacts of planned investments.

Urban Design Analysis

Our award winning urban design practice is grounded in analysis and design of the unique urban places that contribute to a community’s identity and vitality; and always considers the end users’ on-the-ground experience. Our models and renderings can be lasting tools to inform the public and build consensus among important stakeholders.

Communication and Outreach

We operate on an assumption that information needs to be presented clearly and graphically to be most effective and that it is better to “show” than it is to “tell.” The team has generated a deserved reputation for producing information graphics that cut through clutter and communicate the essence of quantitative and qualitative data through compelling storytelling.

Public Process Management

Sustaining broad support and ongoing input for projects requires effective engagement with the general public. This is accomplished by providing clear and compelling communication about projects, as well as by providing timely opportunities for citizens to provide input. To promote this public engagement, UBRI can design, facilitate, and report on a broad-based public forums to keep members of the general public updated and allow broad-based feedback related to specific projects.

We utilize any combination of the following services, tools and analyses to customize projects

real-estate, employment, and investment analysis

surveys, focus groups, and interviews

input-output modeling

statistical analysis

regional output, employment and tax revenue analysis

development of indicators

land use analysis forecasting analysis

GIS analysis

SWOT analysis

legal analysis

community-based and applied research

strategy development

IMPLAN and economic impact modeling

architectural renderings

physical models

three-dimensional computer models

social networking and online forums

meeting facilitation including interactive “clicker” technology

public presentations and conversations

marketing materials and web development

news media relationships

user-friendly online resources

community asset inventory

grant writing technical writing

graphic design and infographic design

project management