What Drives Our Work

What’s Driving Us Lately?

Niagara Street Now

Under the direction of Watts Architecture and Engineering, UBRI is overseeing an engagement process to ground the re-design of Niagara Street in community values and priorities.

UBRI is part of a consultant team led by Watts Architecture and Engineering charged with re-designing Niagara Street in the City of Buffalo for enhanced accessibility, safety, and corridor vibrancy for all – residents, visitors, and businesses. Coverin …

The Equity Dividend: Buffalo's Great Opportunity

In partnership with Make Communities, UBRI is working to develop a foundational research study for the Greater Buffalo Racial Equity Roundtable.

Convened by the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo, the Greater Buffalo Racial Equity Roundtable is leading the charge to reduce the disparate outcomes and opportunities experienced by regional residents of different races. The report identifies …

Research Support for Upstate NY Revitalization Initiative

Decision-making Tools and Guidance in Support of the Upstate Revitalization Initiative

How do you identify game-changing investments to transform a regional economy? UBRI is developing a suite of research products to help Upstate New York regions plan for dynamic economic growth.

Regional Planning for Building a More Sustainable Buffalo Niagara

What does the community want life to look like in Buffalo Niagara in 50 years? Erie and Niagara Counties encompass 64 municipalities. Building a more sustainable region will require making important decisions together.

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