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What’s Driving Us Lately?

Moving Forward 2050

A forward-looking regional transportation plan for Buffalo Niagara

UBRI partnered with GBNRTC, Cambridge Systematics and TY Lin International on an updated metropolitan transportation plan for the Buffalo Niagara region. Metropolitan transportation plans are the primary tools that regions have for laying out significa …

Regional Planning for Building a More Sustainable Buffalo Niagara

What does the community want life to look like in Buffalo Niagara in 50 years? Erie and Niagara Counties encompass 64 municipalities. Building a more sustainable region will require making important decisions together.

The Racial Equity Dividend

In partnership with Make Communities, UBRI developed a foundational research study for the Greater Buffalo Racial Equity Roundtable.

Convened by the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo, the Greater Buffalo Racial Equity Roundtable is leading the charge to reduce the disparate outcomes and opportunities experienced by regional residents of different races. The report identifies …

Strategic economic developing planning and implementation to restructure Western NY’s economy and guide state funding decisions, including Buffalo Billion investment initiatives

How would you invest $1.3 billion to ignite the economy for the good of all in WNY? “A Strategy for Prosperity” is a comprehensive plan to create a more dynamic and sustainable economy for our region and all its citizens.

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