About the RRP

The RRP takes a public-private approach that will maximize impact and leverage additional investment for Buffalo’s East Side and the urban cores of Rochester and Niagara Falls. The RRP’s $300 million investment in these three interconnected areas will catalyze economic growth for the entire region.

This holistic economic development strategy can demonstrate how NYS’s partnership with cities as well as private/philanthropic sectors can drive catalytic initiatives that help disadvantaged communities and lay the foundation for a decade of inclusive recovery.
The effort has garnered broad regional support, initially led by the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation and their pledge of $67 million of matching funds.

This strategy will serve as a pilot program that could be rolled out to the rest of New York State and has the potential to become an unprecedented and innovative national model for community and economic revitalization.

Built for the Community by the Community

The RRP was designed through interactive and ongoing community and stakeholder input and engagement. Increased capacity and sustainability of community-based organizations ensures that programs directly engage with community members. Strong local intermediaries connect the dots while assessing, problem solving and ensuring resources are getting to the community.

  • The outreach model started with stakeholder meetings where participants review community assets, discuss challenges, and provide input.
  • Community members were then asked to submit project ideas. All ideas were reviewed and considered.
  • Listening sessions were held to gather project details.
  • Community-informed projects were identified and are being implemented/supported.
  • Strong candidates were given technical assistance for plan implementation.
  • Community voices are continually lifted up through storytelling.

A similar public engagement process will take place in Rochester.


Community Wealth Building Emerges Through Targeted Investment in:

NEW PATHS TO BUILD ECONOMIC PROSPERITY: Invest in building the small business ecosystem to ensure supplier diversity, entrepreneurial growth for MWBEs and workforce development that connects people to good-paying jobs.

BUILD CAPACITY AND SCALE UP SUCCESS: Strengthen core existing nonprofits through capacity-building programs, leverage recent investments and enhance successful programs to build more community wealth.

TRANSFORMATIVE COMMUNITY ANCHORS AND HERITAGE AREAS: Invest in iconic, catalytic large-scale community anchors and unique historic assets/areas.

Community Projects in $300M Investment Portfolio



Commercial Corridors/Small Business Development

Strengthen the small business ecosystem by funding commercial building enhancements and stabilization and partnering with CDFIs and BSOs.

Broadway Market

Re-establish the Market as a viable and vibrant public shopping hub and attractive regional destination.

Central Terminal

Plan for the future of the site and create a robust organization to guide capital improvements with the goals to eventually reuse the entire complex and better connect it to the Broadway Fillmore neighborhood.

Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor

Create a cooperative operating/business model and plan for and implement capital improvements for a unified tourist destination around Michigan Street’s unique assets.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Park

Fully restore the historic MLK Park greenhouses and ensure the space will house educational and workforce development opportunities in horticulture and park management.

Northland Workforce/Corridor

Provide training and job placement for under- and unemployed residents, with an emphasis on communities of color, while growing WNY’s and the state’s clean energy resources.





Agritourism/Food Entrepreneurship

Maximize the growth and connectivity of agriculture and tourism through intentional partnerships, entrepreneurship, and the built environment.

Waterfront, Heritage Tourism & Community Anchors

Strengthen and reinforce connections to the waterfront, optimize tourism and the future built environment, and facilitate growth and expansion of key community assets.

Small Business/Placemaking

Generate stability and growth for small business owners through commercial building improvements that help create attractive, safe, accessible commercial corridors.





Commercial Corridors/Small Business Development

Revitalize commercial corridors through neighborhood economic development and by supporting emerging, diverse local city entrepreneurs.


Improve and enhance Rochester’s waterfront in order to attract visitors, businesses and the next gen workforce.

Workforce Development

Invest in programs that train underserved populations and connect them to in-demand high-tech and higher-paying employment opportunities.






Work to connect dots between programs, the community, key stakeholders and funders. Build capacity of community-based organizations that serve as RRP implementation partners with support on community engagement, project management, research, implementation, communications and evaluation.

RRP Overview

Read more about the RRP and about some of the transformational projects that are being funded.

Regional Revitalization Partnership

Regional Revitalization Partnership

A Baseline Report for Buffalo, Niagara Falls and Rochester, December 2023

A Baseline Report for Buffalo, Niagara Falls and Rochester, December 2023

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