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Find us in LaSalle Park! Our survey team will be in LaSalle Park on 30 different occasions throughout July and August. Stop by and say “Hello” and take the survey!

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Surveys are a great way to get feedback, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Post a photo or video of LaSalle Park on Instagram and mention @ImagineLaSalle in the description. Use hashtags #likeLaSalle for what you like about the park and #changeLaSalle for what you’d change.

About the project

A Community Vision for Buffalo’s LaSalle Park

Parks are for everyone. Community voices from neighborhoods throughout the city and region will guide and shape a vision for LaSalle Park’s future. Whether you visit LaSalle Park on your daily run, or you stop by once a year for a big event, your opinions matter in defining a community vision for the park. Share your vision and let’s imagine LaSalle’s future together.

Focus Group to Guide Planning

Imagine LaSalle has assembled a focus group to guide vision planning and serve as ambassadors to the community throughout the project. Focus group composition is designed to represent the diversity of voices and cultures that regularly use LaSalle Park.

Focus Group members will spend the summer of 2018 exploring LaSalle Park and looking at inspirational examples of parks in other US cities. The following people have volunteered their time to help envision LaSalle Park’s future as part of the focus group:

Tuona Batchelor, Broderick Park
Dominic Bonifacio, West Side Little League Baseball/Softball
Dan Brady, Columbus Park Neighborhood
Jamil Crews, Buffalo Urban League Young Professionals
Mateo & Amanda Escobar, WNY International Soccer
Lacy Folga, Fargo Estates Neighborhood Association
Melissa Fratello, Buffalo Audubon Society
JP Gillespie, Sunday Skateshop
Renato Graham, Lakeview Family Homes
Ibrahim Iftin, Somali Bantu Community Organization of Buffalo
Lian Thluhlawng, Chin Community of Buffalo
Daniel Leong, Karen Society of Buffalo
Kevin Lynch, The Barkyard
Frank Lysiak, Waterfront Village
Marnetta Malcolm, Rick James Memorial Funk Festival
Deb O’Shea, Lakefront Commons
Christine Seibert, D’Youville College
Dinorah Santos, Marine Drive Apartments / The Belle Center
Charles Torres, Hispanic Heritage Council of WNY
George Williams, Pine Harbor Apartments

LaSalle Park in Context

A Closer Look at LaSalle Park

Imagine LaSalle will help answer important questions to guide a community vision for the future of LaSalle Park.

Key Research Questions
How do people get to the park?
Who uses the park?
Where are the communities, neighborhoods, and places connected to the park?
What values and principles should guide future investments in the park?
What recent or planned investments are happening around the park?
What are the park’s amenities and attributes?
What do people like about the park, and what do people wish was different?
What would the community like to see in the future for the park?
How does the park fit into Buffalo’s broader planning framework?

1998 Master Plan
2017 LaSalle Design Waterfront Access Report


Learn more about LaSalle Park, including its connection with other waterfront parks, connection with the rest of the city, and the amenities offered by the park.

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